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  • Akril Tile Tray and Niche 2017

    The updated information on the range of Akril Tile Tray and Shower Niche products from Composite Materials Engineering. Many sizes and styles kept in stock. Some new sizes are not yet released

    1.8 MB • PDF File • 13 June 2017

  • Akril Tile Tray Instructions

    Installation details for the Akril Tile Tray

    1.4 MB • PDF File • 29 August 2014

  • August 2018 Flyer

    Our regular monthly flyer of specials, new products and promotions.

    289 KB • PDF File • 12 August 2018

  • Concrete Products

    This is a selection guide for our most common 'concrete products' - more specifically, repair mortars, self levellers, feather finish, grouts, primers and screeds. Contact us if you need the full data sheet for a particular product.

    192 KB • PDF File • 16 October 2013

  • Glazing Catalogue 2018

    A visual list of our glazing product range - if you don't see it in here, we may have it or be able to source from one of our specialist suppliers.

    3.5 MB • PDF File • 12 August 2018



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